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Most Influential Women in UK Tech 2020

Congratulations to the women in law who made Computer Weekly’s 2020 longlist for the most influential women in tech!


Webinar: Scan to Sign – keeping your digital documents flowing with Adobe

We will be looking to the accounting sector for some of the best examples of Adobe’s platform being used to create the most efficient processes, from document generation to signature.



Rajah & Tann launches white label client contracts platform ReadyDocs

Rajah & Tann Asia, a leading full-service legal network in Southeast Asia, announced today the beta launch of ReadyDocs, a platform that enables clients to remotely create, edit, digitally sign and manage contracts from any device at any time.


CPA Global’s 3,300 staff to transition to remote working post-COVID-19

IP technology leader CPA Global has issued a statement announcing its intention to move to an entirely remote working model post COVID-19.


Wilson Allen promotes Shishir Shetty to COO

Wilson Allen has promoted Shishir Shetty from VP of technology services to a newly created role of chief operating officer, effective July 1, 2020.


Litera unveils new summer lineup for Litera TV

Litera announced today (1 July) the new summer lineup of hosts for its popular livestreaming service, Litera TV, as it celebrates its 300th episode this week. The new lineup includes several of the legal technology community’s most influential names, and Legal IT Insider editor Caroline Hill is honoured to be among them.



Morae Global ramps up UK advisory capability with acquisition of Janders Dean

Morae Global Corporation has acquired respected legal management consultancy Janders Dean in a deal designed to give Morae a UK-based legal advisory practice group with a particular eye on the large law private practice and corporate legal market.


Legal IT Win: Clyde & Co selects DISCO for eDiscovery

Global law firm Clyde & Co has entered into a global arrangement with legal technology leader DISCO to assist its lawyers in the eDiscovery process.


Ryerson launches free online legaltech startup incubator

Ryerson University’s Legal Innovation Zone has launched its latest legal tech startup programme, which starts online in September. Sprint Studio is a free, 12-week intensive program to help early-stage startups around the world to develop innovative legal tech products, in particular to develop their proof of concept into a market-ready product.


Why DLP has failed and what the future looks like

If you haven’t yet read Tessian’s report on the State of DLP in 2020 it’s worth a read. Avoiding many of the oft churned out stats regarding the number of and increase in data loss incidents, Tessian says that its research shows that while IT leaders count security awareness training as the most effective way to prevent data loss, organisations that provide the most training experience the most misdirected emails.



Legal tech week: Ask me anything!

At 3pm ET /8pm BST today (26 June) we will go live for this week’s legaltech journalists’ roundtable where we’re going to do something different — an ‘ask me anything’ session. Sign up link here – registration is required.


Forte Markets webinars: Women in Legal tech panel

Forte Markets is hosting a series of legal tech webinars from 30 June to 2 July that will bring together leading industry practitioners and academics from across the world to discuss the latest insight and use cases. Legal IT Insider editor Caroline Hill will be talking about women in legal tech. More details here.


Webinar: The future of digital dictation

Legal IT Insider is holding a webinar on the future of digital dictation and related technologies in the legal profession. This webinar will be a discussion rich session – sign up here.


Apperio will be hiring for a US office as it expands into the States

UK-based legal spend tracker Apperio tells us that it will be hiring for a US office as soon as possible as it expands its sales operation into the States, with a particular focus on private equity firms.



Heavyweight AI research group says using biometric data to predict criminality is inherently discriminatory as it urges study to be condemned

A heavyweight group of AI experts from the likes of Google and Microsoft plus researchers and academics has urged against the publication of a new study that claims to identify or predict criminality based on biometric or criminal legal data, saying that such studies are inherently racially biased and naturalise discriminatory outcomes.


Neil Davison joins Macfarlanes as CTO

Neil Davison is to join Macfarlanes as CTO on 22 June. He joins the firm from a very brief stint at Ascertus, and was previously IT Director at Farrer and Co.


\\\Collabora8.IT-Reimagining legal services post-COVID-19: Join our webinar with Mitchell Kowalski

\\\Collabor8.IT – Business continuity webinar: We talk leadership priorities with Litera’s CEO Avaneesh Marwaha

Collabor8.IT – TalkingTech

\\\Collabor8.IT – Legal IT Insider editor Caroline Hill spoke with Michele DeStefano, professor of law at the University of Miami and founder of LawWithoutWalls (LWOW) on the topic of ‘What now for innovation post COVID-19.’

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