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Zoom confronted over security fears: tips and advice

With many law firms and legal tech vendors finding that Zoom is the easiest way to keep them connected to staff and clients while working from home, it’s worrying that the enterprise video communications company is again facing a privacy and security backlash as security experts warn that its default settings aren’t secure enough.


IPsoft switches to ContractPodAi for contract management

American multinational technology company IPsoft has swapped out its SpringCM contract lifecycle management system for ContractPodAI, citing its strength as a contract management as opposed to broader document management system.



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Legal IT hires: Jenny Hotchin joins iManage + Litera brings on board Alma Asay

In two notable hires either side of the pond, former Pinsent Masons associate and group innovation manager Jenny Hotchin has joined iManage as legal practice lead in the UK while in the US, female founder Alma Asay has joined Litera as a litigation domain expert and evangelist.


Travers Smith launches free client force majeure app

Travers Smith LLP has launched an app to help clients quickly get to grips with their force majeure exposure in contracts in light of COVID-19.


“Seize the moment”: Remote Courts Worldwide launches as COVID-19 turbo charges the need for modern courts

A ‘time is of the essence’ collaboration between The Society for Computers and Law, the UK LawTech Delivery Panel and Her Majesty’s Courts and Tribunals Service will today (30 March) see the launch of Remote Courts Worldwide: a service to help the justice sector rise to the challenge of embracing remote hearings and new ways of delivering justice for users.


COVID-19: “There is no time like now to migrate to the cloud”

“There are two strengths that a law firm needs to build in this crisis. The technology strength and the technology foundations to work in a distributed way in embracing the cloud, but also in the way you run a firm. Your daily cadence needs to get reinvented in a distributed world. We’re trying to educate the industry that these two things go hand in hand in this crisis. Even firms that are running in the cloud have a significant amount of change and evolution to go through to be more distributed.”



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Litera acquires Levit & James/Best Authority to achieve ‘best of breed’ litigation platform

Litera has acquired Best Authority vendor Levit & James and will use the Best Authority Table of Authorities within its Litigation Companion proofreading tool, as it focuses its attention on further simplifying drafting within the contentious sector.


More free collaboration tools: Juro and The Link App open access during COVID-19

Juro and the Link App are now free to access to help businesses collaborate remotely during COVID-19 crisis.


COVID-19: Litera to offer Transact for free

Litera has joined the ranks of technology providers to offer their collaboration software for free to help law firms overcome the extensive challenges presented by COVID-19. Certain key parts of Litera Transact (formerly Doxly) will be available at no cost for six months. In particular, the bits of Litera Transact that enable lawyers to avoid coming into contact with others, specifically its checklist, eSignature, and closing room functionality.


“We will continue to invest”: Advanced acquires Tikit

Tikit has been acquired from BT Group by case management competitor Advanced, in a controversial acquisition that Advanced Legal’s managing director Doug Hargrove is keen to emphasise will see the private equity-owned company continue to invest in both competing products Tikit P4W and ALB.



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Remote hearings: Bar Council tells barristers not to attend court in person unless unavoidable

The Bar Council has advised barristers that they should not court attend hearings in person unless certain limited criteria are met following the Prime Minister’s statement yesterday (23 March) that the UK should stay at home to inhibit the spread of COVID-19.


Clio commits $1m to help law firms navigate COVID-19 fallout

Practice management vendor Clio has commited $1m to a disaster relief program to help law firms navigate the difficulties that lie ahead in light of the global COVID-19 shut down.


Recovering from COVID-19: “We must be brave”

We speak to slicedbread project manager Jennie Strickland-Grogan (pictured above), who came down with COVID-19 while in the middle of a major client project. She is now recovering from the virus and wants to spread a message of hope.


Collaboration tools: Free products during the Coronavirus pandemic

In response to the Coronavirus pandemic vendors are increasingly offering collaboration tools for free for a period of time. We’ll continuously update this list of free products that are designed to help you work better remotely.



UK Courts to operate remotely during the Coronavirus pandemic? Let’s be honest, it’s complicated

The Lord Chancellor’s statement yesterday (18 March) suggesting that the majority of criminal court cases will go ahead during the Coronavirus pandemic reminded me of the conversations I’m having with my own children about our rigorous timetable of activities now that UK schools are shut. It’s extremely unlikely to happen and for everyone’s wellbeing, we’d be better off working out what the new normal really does look like.


BLB Studio Legale reaps benefits of remote working amid Italian COVID-19 quarantine

With the whole of Italy in quarantine to try to stem the spread of COVID-19, domestic law firms in the region were among the first to be tested on their ability to work remotely, with one firm we spoke to in particular feeling the benefit of having long ago decided to work in a different way. What is key, is clients being able to carry on business as usual.


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