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£10 million man says "Goodbye, it's no fun any more"

After 13 years with Videss (now part of the IRIS Legal group) and despite offers from some of the major suppliers, Tom Bell has decided to get out of the legal market altogether and hang up his boots because “It's just no fun any more”.

Along with Chris Rose, he was part of what was possibly the most unbeatable duo in UK legal software sales. Together they opened up the South of England for Videss – Tom becoming the most successful salesman Videss ever employed, bringing in over £10 million during his time there, including the £1 million Blake Lapthorn contract. Prior to Videss, Tom worked for General Automation (now Civica), Avenue Legal Systems (now Tikit TFB) and Applied Computer Expertise/ACE (now also part of IRIS).

6 replies on “£10 million man says "Goodbye, it's no fun any more"”

He will be greatly missed, fantastic saleman and a nice person. I hope he gets persuaded back.

I couldn't agree more. Tom is always interested and would do anything he could to help you. Success naturally follows from such sincerity. Great bloke and I certainly miss him.

A brick and a true Gent. Shall certainly miss him but he can always get a job as Father Christmas!

Yes I will miss Papa Smurf too! It's very rare that you have long-standing business relationships with one company, let alone one person. Having known and worked with Tom since the Avenue days I can safely say they don't make them like that anymore:-(

I have had the pleasure of knowing Tom for some 15 years and was probably one of his first customers in the South. When I moved firms I introduced them to Videss and to Tom Bell & Chris Rose. (Both top people). Tom is a straight up guy and it is a pity there are not more like him in the legal marketplace. He is a valued friend and we will keep in touch.
Jim Paterson

Sorry to lose you Tom – it has been a real pleasure doing Business with you over more years than I care to remember.

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