IRIS join FAST – but don’t they own it?

Confusing story here as it has just been announced that the UK’s sixth largest software group has joined the Federation Against Software Theft (FAST). Glossing over the fact that, as FAST has been around since 1984, this is not exactly a ringing endorsement that it’s taken the sixth largest player in the UK 23 years to get around to joining, the more confusing aspect is the identity of the new member. It’s the IRIS Software Group.Haven’t we heard of them before? Yes, IRIS acquired Vin Murria’s CS Group (and with it the legal software suppliers AIM, Laserform, Mountain and Videss) in July this year.And?Oh, and in May this year the CS Group bought FAST.So that means the IRIS Software Group, which has just joined FAST, actually owns FAST.Er, yes.Coming soon… Roman Catholic Church announce the Pope is a Catholic and the US Parks Department announce findings on the toilet habits of bears in Yellowstone National Park forest.