Mass translation from Trilantic

Trilantic has announced the launch of Trilantic Translation Services (TTS), a mass translation tool, specific to the needs of the legal market. Trilantic has partnered with Translution, a leader in translation technology to provide a system that meets the requirements of law firms and corporations with multinational and/or, multilingual document translation needs.TTS is claimed to be far more accurate than any of the web based tools currently available, combining cutting edge technology with practice and case specific dictionaries. Law firms can analyse vast amounts of multi-lingual documents, quickly and efficiently, reducing the need for local translators. Human error and misunderstanding are minimised as is the need for short term resource when specific cases arise, giving the legal team access to the documents in days rather than weeks. Speed to review, compliance and risk management is therefore improved as relevant data can be identified quickly. Firms can take on multinational cases/projects more effectively and ultimately pass this benefit onto their clients.In comparison to human translation the cost and time savings are significant. Typically human translation will cost around 12p a word. This automated process will cost around 22p per 250 words, a huge cost saving. With regards to time, the average translator works at a speed of around 2500 words per day. TTS can translate up to 100,000 foreign language documents within 3-5 working days.