DLA Piper select Interwoven Universal Search

DLA Piper has selected Interwoven Universal Search – Professional Services Edition to enable staff in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia to search the organisation’s knowledge repositories, and to provide fee-earners with immediate and highly accurate results for ensuring optimal sharing of firm expertise. “Our knowledge management supports lawyers in finding and retrieving the right answers from a wide range of systems and information sources,” said David Halliwell, Head of Knowledge Management for Europe and Asia at DLA Piper. “Our cross-border transactions mean that the most relevant best practices may be from another country.  Interwoven Universal Search will support us in guiding people to the most relevant and current information.” ”By using Interwoven Universal Search our staff will have immediate and secure access to what they are looking for, all within a simple Web interface,” said Jon Short, Head of Applications at DLA Piper.