Irish law firm targeted in 419 fraud

We’ve all heard about the ‘Nigerian 419’ email scams – a large stash of money in return for handing over your bank account details – however they usually involve the funds of some deceased African dictator. This week however we received our first one involving a law firm – a real law firm as it happens, the Irish and international practice of Arthur Cox. What is interesting about this scam is the fraudster has done his (or her) homework as the message uses the firm’s real London address and the message purports to come from a consultant who really does work in the London office. The giveaways include the email address – if the transaction is ‘100% legal’ as the message claims – why does the good professor not use his address? – and the bizarre language.

It’s a fraud so be on your guard – here is the text…

Arthur Cox Solicitors
29 Ludgate Hill
London EC4M 7JE
Tel: +44-702-403-6906

How are you doing today? I hope my email reached you in the
right frame of mind and good Health. On behalf of the Trustees
of Arthur Cox Solicitors and Executor of the last wishes of
Late Mr. Williams Cole, I have decided to solicit for your
assistance in carrying out the Last wishes of my late client,
Late Engr. Williams Cole who died of Esophageal Cancer in July,
2004.My Late client had no wife and children and his only survi
ving relative passed on Last year.

According to the wishes of Late Mr. Williams Cole, 55% of the funds
should go to any charity organization or to the Needy/poor, while the
rest 45% should be for the beneficiary of the funds which is you if
interested.It is very obvious that Mr. Williams Cole wanted these
funds to be used for humanitarian purposes. What a Great Man! Be Rest
assured that this transaction is 100% Legal as I will provide you with
all necessary documentations for the release of the funds.

Endeavour to get back to me as soon as possible to enable me conclude
my Job.I hope to hear from you in no distant time.Please send me an
email to my personal email address at

Yours in Service,
Prof. Robert Clark{ESQ}
Arthur Cox Solicitors