The Insider Lonely Hearts Club Band

Here on Legal Tech Insider we’ve been asked to provide some odd services over the years, including sending a weekly joke to the terminally depressed (let’s face it, it’s not a bundle of laughs selling software to solicitors) and advising on dog training and animal welfare issues. However we’ve now been asked if we could organise an Orange Rag Lonely Hearts column. Our contact adds that she is not suggesting anything tacky – although she then goes on to spoil it all by saying her ideal partner would be “someone with a freely creative mind and not a blinkered techie”. Hmm, the impossible may take a little longer.For the record, today – February 29th – is Leap Year Day, the day when women are traditionally entitled to propose to men. We’ve already had one contact email in to say his girlfriend woke him from deep sleep at 4:00am this morning to ask him if he would marry her. He thinks he may have mumbled ‘yes’ before falling back asleep as he’s now discovered they are going shopping for an engagement ring at lunchtime.