Is hosted email cheaper than inhouse?

One of the factors that has aways held back the adoption of hosted services (whether it is on an ASP or SaaS model) has been the cost. In otherwords, despite all the operational benefits it has always seemed cheaper (and we appreciate that the true cost of ownership is frequently under-estimated) to buy a system and run it on an inhouse basis. Now, a provider of SaaS and other hosted services, has produced a price comparison showing the difference between running an inhouse email solution and using their messagehub hosted service. (Yes, we know, the use of all this lower case text is just so 1990s.) Anyway, reckon that over a three year period, the cost of messagehub works out to about a third of the cost of the inhouse solution. And, if your are interested, messagehub (+44(0)1952 236200) is currently offering a free try-before-you-buy option so you can assess whether hosted is a viable alternative to an inhouse email infrastructure. can find the cost comparison here.