Grindeys drop AIM and switch to Axxia

Grindeys LLP in North Staffordshire has awarded LexisNexis a contract to replace its current AIM practice management system with the Axxia DNA product. The firm anticipates DNA will be rolled out to all 240 fee earners and support staff at its Stoke and Stone offices by October 2008. Grindeys’ practice director Martin Leak said “Being a high volume conveyancing business and an IRIS AIM user, we were looking for a new practice management technology to help us gain a competitive edge. Customers want to exchange data electronically with their legal practitioner and we wanted a robust platform that gives us the flexibility to meet current and future client requirements. Furthermore, we needed a quick, easy-to-use, and integrated system that makes life easier for our staff. Following a review, we felt that Axxia DNA was the right product and from a supplier who has never ended the life of any of its products.”Axxia was acquired by LexisNexis in February 2008. Grindeys have been with AIM since April 2002, before that they ran a Sanderson PMS.