June Legal Technology Insider out now

The June edition (No #210) of the Legal Technology Insider newsletter (the original Orange Rag) should have hit most physical and virtual desktops by now (OK, you guys in the US and Australia who take the print edition will have to wait a little longer for the airmail).• Readers of this blog might also like to know that in August we will be launching an American edition of the Insider focusing on the large firms sector of the US and Canadian legal IT industry. Called American Legal Technology Insider, it will follow the UK newsletter’s approach to content and formula of covering vendor and industry news as real news. Initial responses have been positive, attracting comments such as “we definitely need one of these for North America,” “a much needed addition to the legal IT media panorama over here given the consolidation” and – our favourite – “awesome”.
American Legal Technology Insider will be published in a digital only format – as a PDF file – and will be available free of charge either as a download from The Orange Rag blog and 3rd party websites or delivered directly to your email in-box as a file attachment – to subscribe email altisubs@legaltechnology.com with the word subscribe in the subject line. Issue #1 will be published on Thursday 7 August 2008 and then monthly from Wednesday 10 September.
US vendors please note: we have started gathering material now for the launch issue. Insider editor Charles Christian will also be in Texas for the ILTA event in August.• And, this month’s edition of the Insider also includes the latest edition of Insider Corporate Legal, our special supplement for the inhouse legal community. You can download a copy here.