Legal Technology Insider FAQs

We’ve been getting a few questions coming into the Insider office over the past few weeks – they basically boil down to queries about the same two points, so here they are as FAQs…Q.1 – Is it true that the Ark Group (Managing Partner mag & all that) has acquired or somehow taken over the Insider ?A. – NO (sound of Insider staff falling on floor laughing)We’ve heard this one before – apparently being spread by mischievous monkeyboys within the industry. We think the explanation is this: we did experiment with a commission sales deal with Ark earlier this year, whereby Ark sales staff sold space on the Insider website for a commission. However the arrangement was not to our satisfaction so we terminated it with effect from 31st August. And that’s it. Insider editor Charles Christian has also devised, formulated and authored a couple of special reports for Ark as one-off projects. However at no time has the Insider been involved in any acquisition talks with Ark. In fact it is the Insider’s policy to remain independent, unattached, footloose and fancy free, so we can continue doing what we are doing without the risk of some pimply herbert in an advertising department trying to dictate our editorial policy. We never have done and never will do advertorial.Q.2 – Is it true the Insider is embarking upon some kind of world domination bid?A. – YES (sound of Insider staff reving up their tanks)Following the recent (and highly successful) launch of our American edition we are now rationalising our global news coverage of legal IT developments. The classic Legal Technology Insider newsletter (print & PDF) will now focus on the UK and EMEA (Europe, Middle-East & Africa) markets. American Legal Technology Insider (PDF) will focus on the US and Canadian markets with coverage, when relevant, of the Latin America market. And we are also planning a more regular, structured coverage of the Asian and Australia/New Zealand markets – this will also be a purely digital coverage. In between issues, The Orange Rag blog will continue to cover breaking news and feature stories we would otherwise not be able to carry in the Insiders. End of lecture.