Independent help wanted

We’ve just received a request for help from a smaller UK law firm (based in the Home Counties west of London) who are looking for an independent consultant to help them in a dispute with a PMS supplier. Any suggestions welcomed – you can email us at“We are having terrible problems with an upgrade to Citrix version of (name of supplier – we’re not identifying the supplier save to say they are listed in the English Law Society’s 2008 guide and they are NOT part of the IRIS group) which was intended to cure the problems with had with the previous version. “(Name of supplier) are not recognising the problems and I want to contact an independent assessor to inspect the program and do a report for both sides to identify the source of the issues and suggest a way forward. (Name of supplier) are now threatening to remove our licences (I hear from my staff not from them!) and I am refusing to pay as the performance is so inadequate in my view. “Are you able to suggest anyone?”