New Hubbard One webinar

Here’s news of another webinar some of you may find useful to tune into…Gaining Lawyer Buy-in to Contact Management  Hubbard One Webinare – 20th November 2008 – 3:00-3:45pm (GMT)Change rarely happens overnight and is seldom easy. It takes time and careful planning to gain lawyer acceptance for new Contact Management software, procedures, and even a new culture of information sharing. Organisational change planning allows you to analyse the organisational issues related to CRM and develop a plan that addresses these issues. During this webinar, we will identify some common challenges towards gaining lawyer buy-in, discuss how the components of organisational change management (training, communication, leadership support, and incentives) can help address these challenges, and finally review the steps to developing an organisational change management plan. Here’s the link to the webinar – this is a revised link to the one originally posted… email Alison Sharp at