Another Aderant site goes live – hello, is there anybody else out there?

Aderant has just announced that New England law firm of Burns & Levinson LLP has successfully gone live on Aderant Expert. The firm completed its implementation project in 10 months, successfully rolling out Aderant’s application suite to more than 120 attorneys across four offices. Burns & Levinson implemented Aderant Expert’s core applications for time and billing and financial management as well as the software suite’s business development, business intelligence, and performance management capabilities.“Our implementation of Aderant is by far the most successful conversion of a practice management system with which I’ve ever been associated,” said Marybeth Celorier, chief financial officer for Burns & Levinson. “Professional firms can ill afford time delays and cost overruns these days when implementing a mission critical business system.”“Rapid implementations are becoming increasingly important to law firms, especially in these uncertain economic times,” said Michael Kohlsdorf, Aderant’s president & CEO. “Firms must have confidence that they will be able benefit from their technology investments in a timely manner and not worry about having projects drag on for months or costing more than promised.”Hello? Is there anybody else out there? Or is Aderant now the only global vendor capable of rolling out larger PMS projects in timescales measured in months rather than years?
(And ‘yes’ it’s true we’ve now been waiting over a week for another large PMS vendor to confirm whether or not some of its board members are about to leave the company.)