Readers Poll – Twitter !! Web 2.0 ?? What’s it for?

Apart from helping free Stephen Fry from a jammed lift (although a mobile phone or even pressing the alarm button would presumably have achieved the same objective) what is the purpose of Twitter? Then there are other Web 2.0 channels such as LinkedIn, which was recently given new and improved links into the Interaction CRM. And, to be honest, we’ve never been entirely convinced there is a sound business case for SMS/text and instant (IM) messaging – apart from sending clandestine messages to lovers and/or insider trading partners. Legal Technology Insider is running another of its Readers’ Poll and this month we are asking whether there is a serious business use for these technologies and is their usage increasing or decreasing. You can find a link to the survey at the top right of the Insider website home page – click on the Readers Poll link – at• Details of this poll have already been published in the February issue of the Insider newsletter, prompting one reader to report that his organisation is using Twitter as a way of keeping users up-to-date with help desk support issues: “People tweet how things have gone wrong for them, and then I’ll make contact and try to resolve it. Really making in roads, and I think the whole concept of twitter from a real-time customer support perspective is going to be very interesting.”