Aderant releases ‘Golden Gate’

Aderant has just announced its Aderant Expert “Golden Gate” Release. This next-generation version of Expert includes a new service-oriented architecture and advanced functionality that leverages Microsoft’s workflow technology platform, Windows Workflow Foundation. The release helps firms create consistency, improve efficiency, and streamline as well as automate critical business processes. At the core of Golden Gate is a powerful enterprise-capable workflow engine that is embedded in the application suite’s new underlying technology framework. This engine is used to workflow-enable a new file opening application, Expert File Opening. Aderant Expert Golden Gate Release also includes an innovative new application navigation metaphor, Expert Assistant, as well as a new intuitive time capture capability. “As an early adopter of their new Expert File Opening workflow application, we are very excited about how Aderant is leveraging advanced Microsoft technologies to streamline and improve this essential business process,” said Mary Ann Hallemann, Chief Financial Officer for Thompson Coburn LLP. “Golden Gate represents a critical milestone in the evolution of Aderant Expert into a truly next-generation solution for law firms,” said Michael Kohlsdorf, President & CEO of ADERANT. “By embedding Microsoft’s powerful workflow technology into the core of our application suite, a first for the legal industry, we are able help our clients streamline critical business processes, improve management oversight, and minimise their exposure to risk.” • Next-Generation Technology PlatformAderant Expert Golden Gate Release is built on a new next-generation technology platform that leverages a Domain Specific Language (DSL), an advanced fourth-generation programming language. Aderant Expert’s new service-oriented architecture (SOA) improves application extensibility and integration and ensures longevity. DSL enables code and customisations to be generated more quickly while improving quality, reliability, and reusability. • Leverages Windows Workflow FoundationAderant Expert Golden Gate Release leverages Microsoft’s Windows Workflow Foundation. Introduced in 2005 as an essential part of the .NET Framework, it is Microsoft’s architecture for building workflow-enabled applications. Aderant has incorporated Windows Workflow Foundation into the underlying technology platform of Aderant Expert, workflow enabling any application built on that infrastructure. “Aderant is taking advantage of Windows Workflow Foundation and other Microsoft .NET Framework technologies in the Golden Gate release, which can deliver strong business solutions to Microsoft customers around the world,” said Paul Andrew, Senior Product Manager for Microsoft. “We are confident that Aderant’s incorporation of Microsoft .NET technologies can provide organisations with even more cutting-edge functionality and capabilities while potentially lowering their costs.” “Windows Workflow Foundation allows our development team to stay focused on creating value-adding functionality and delivering it rapidly to law firms,” continued Kohlsdorf. “Instead of dedicating resources to maintain and enhance our underlying workflow engine, we are building on the efforts of Microsoft’s unrivalled development organisation. This allows us to concentrate our efforts on building workflow capabilities that meet the unique needs of law firms without diluting our resources on underlying technology infrastructure.” • Delivers Powerful CapabilitiesAderant Expert Golden Gate Release delivers powerful capabilities to law firms, including Expert File Opening, Expert Assistant, and Timer:– Expert File Opening is a new workflow-enabled application that helps law firms automate their client and matter intake business processes. Firms can easily customise their file opening workflows using an intuitive workflow designer and a library of pre-defined workflow tasks and activities. The application includes accompanying services to better support the file opening workflow processes and allow for flexibility and customisation.– Expert Assistant will provide users with a new navigation metaphor for accessing Aderant Expert data and applications. Users can contextually access all Aderant Expert applications from their system trays, see what tasks and activities they have to complete with a workflow inbox, search for clients, matters, employees, and other information, and collaborate.– Golden Gate also includes a new intuitive time entry component that allows users to capture time even when they are disconnected from their firms’ networks or offline. Aderant Expert Golden Gate Release is generally available now.