Orange Rag editor indulging in extra-curricular activities again

Orange Rag editor Charles Christian is going off on another of his extra-curricular jaunts. Tickets have just gone on sale his one-man, one-night only show
during the Brighton Fringe Festival. The location is Fletch at St
Andrews, Hove – the date is Tuesday 5th May – the time is 6:00pm. It’s
called Tales from the Digital Slow Lane and takes the form of a series
stories about growing up in a seaside town in the 1960s, failing to
find any sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll – and wondering what to do about
the bomb (technically a cluster bomb) beneath his bed. Tickets cost from £8.00 – call 08444 771000 or
online at – click on Fletch Theatre for more detail.