Visualfiles goes into debt site

LexisNexis has just announced that Arrow Global, one of the largest consumer debt buyers in the UK, is deploying a Visualfiles case management system to create an in-house, centralised debt recovery system. This new system will enable Arrow Global to automate its litigation-related recovery processes, achieve significant operational efficiencies and facilitate a likely increase in debt collections. Arrow Global say they chose Visualfiles ‘for its flexibility, automation capabilities and customisability to meet the organisation’s specific business needs, today and in the future. For instance, the inherent flexibility within Visualfiles will enable Arrow to adapt internal workflows in response to market changes such as legislation and business practices. The automated system will simplify complex and time consuming litigation processes, provide failsafe checks to ensure important deadlines are not overlooked and offer supervisors complete control over workflows across teams’. Ged O’Neill, Director, Arrow Global, comments “We spent a lot of time reviewing the different case management systems available in the market. When we first looked at Visualfiles, we realised that we had found what we were looking for.  The combination of running Visualfiles inhouse and the inherent automation capabilities of the case management system mean that we will now be able to optimise our case-handler to case ratio.” Tim Cheadle, UK General Manager, LexisNexis Practice & Productivity Management, adds “Visualfiles is perfect for high volume case work. It automates the repetitive, but crucial business processes, and at the same time offers customers the flexibility to respond quickly to changes in business practices. User organisations can build, develop and maintain workflow environments that are unique to them, ensuring company-wide uniformity and familiarity of processes. This in turn facilitates increased levels of efficiency and productivity, imperative for any business, and a key reason for the product’s success in the market. We are continuously making improvements to our Visualfiles platform, incorporating new features and developing add-ons to deliver further agility to our customers.”