Webinar to watch on Monday

TimeKM is hosting a live webinar for ILTA Members on September 28 at 12:00 EST (17:00GMT).  Session Title: Consumer Based Technologies an Opportunity to Engage the Firm. Description: The proliferation of consumer technologies has engaged the modern professional on a personal level like never before. This provides an ideal opportunity for law firms to engage their attorneys with technology and in turn better position it as a competitive advantage for the firm. The famous quote “Attorneys will not use it” is being challenged every day. However, the bar has been set high by consumer trends, technologies, and innovative rich interfaces, thus forcing traditional business applications to step up to get into the game. See how TimeKM is identifying key consumer technologies and leveraging them within traditional business applications to increase adoption rates. Technologies such as web 2.0 (including instant messaging), mobility, and telephony are prime examples that will be demonstrated in the context of TimeKM’s capture environment. This session attempts to unify the personal consumer experience with the professional needs in the business environment, resulting in increased adoption by attorneys, thereby propelling technology up the strategic ladder in law firms.To register for this meeting cut & paste this link into your browser: https://pensera.webex.com/pensera/j.php?ED=110726767&RG=1&UID=1018329537&RT=MiMxMQ%3D%3D