Elite, Pilgrim and Morisons – the latest

As some readers will have spotted, we have pulled the content of the original Pilgrim win at Morisons story because the original press release had not gone through the proper approval channels and this was causing ructions. The facts however remain the same – Morisons are moving off Elite Enterprise and on to Pilgrim Lawsoft. And that, as far as we were concerned, was it – PR screw-ups happen all the time.Then, a few minutes ago, we received this email from Elite…Charles I was disappointed to see your recent posting on the Morisons’ procurement, and I see that the offending article has now been removed.  The headline, however, which is the most damaging aspect of the posting, remains. I assume the copy came from Pilgrim, and the “killer” headline is your own, but the story really does paint an inaccurate picture.  We have had amicable discussions with Morisons throughout their selection process; they have made a commercial decision, which we understand and accept; and the long-standing and friendly relationship between our two firms remains intact.  Your posting implies that 3E and Lawsoft were pitted against each other, and the Pilgrim system deemed to be superior, which is ludicrous.  Morisons already operated Pilgrim in one of their offices (following a merger), and this is merely an extended roll-out.  Please consider doing the decent thing: remove the headline, and admit to the inaccuracies.    Regards. Simon Phelanto which we replied – in our usual temperate fashion…SimonI’m getting so pissed off with Elite whingeing whenever anything doesn’t go their way but otherwise being totally un-proactive in the area of press relations. If you got off your arses – as others vendors do – and say ‘yes this is happening but here’s the background story’ – which is what, for example, David Thorpe did with the Winkworth Sherwood swap-out, then these issues would never arise in the first place. As for the inaccuracies, are Morisons still staying with Enterprise? Are they moving to 3E?CC