Is this the answer to the Progress -v- SQL Server debate ?

After the ongoing debate earlier this autumn on the respective merits of Microsoft SQL Server and Progress – and whether it was possible for the two platforms to co-exist, Andrew Bremner (the managing director of Focus IT Ltd) has been in touch to say “My company has recently been granted a license to sell and support a realtime Progress to SQL Server (or Oracle) tool in the UK. This tool is developed and owned by Bravepoint in the US. Called Pro2SQL, this is mature, stable and working at many Progress sites across the US. I believe this product has the potential to end the Progress -v- SQL Server debate and allow end users to have the best of both worlds with their production database on Progress and their reporting in SQL Server.”He adds “Focus IT is licensed to sell, install, support and bill in GBP for Bravepoint’s Pro2SQL suite in the UK. The agreement was signed 13th October 2009 so marketing materials like the website are still in their infancy. The product itself is not in its infancy though and replicates all Progress 9 and 10 data types into SQL Server 2005. A new version that will handle the new data types introduced in SQL Server 2008, like DateTime2 that handles dates before 1753, is currently in development and a release date will be issued in due course. Pro2SQL is aimed squarely at Progress sites that want near realtime/one way replication to a data warehouse or reporting database running on SQL Server or Oracle. The replicated database can be performance tuned for reporting without affecting the Progress production database.” + are a white paper and a marketing flyer.