Getting ready for 2010 – almost

service will be resumed as soon as possible on the Orange Rag blog, website and Insider newsletters but in the
meantime here is a quick news round-up…
* Swine!!! It turns out Insider/OR editor Charles Christian wasn’t being a wimpish,
middle-aged white male complaining about man-flu but instead
for the
past 3 weeks had been suffering from an undiagnosed case of H1N1v
Swine Flu. (Yes, you have a victim of a global pandemic among you –
which is another benefit this virtual blog as H1N1v is one virus that
cannot be spread online.) For the record, the NHS Direct swine flu helpline is every bit as bad as the reports you’ve heard – a helpdesk from hell staffed by disinterested call centre droids who just want you to go away and die quietly. NHS Direct’s contribution to healthcare in the UK is probably equalled only by Nigerian airport security’s contribution to airline safety and the war on terror.
* Traffic report:
another glorious triumph – all thanks to you dear readers and
contributors – with Orange Rag blog readership etc for Q4 2009 (Oct/Nov/Dec) averaging
just over 27,250 distinct URLs served (the digital equivalent of readers) and 489,000 pages views per month. This compares with an average
of 15,400 distinct URLs and 256,500 page views per month in Q4 2008.
* Deadlines: We kick off the publication schedule this year with the January issue of  American Legal Technology Insider – out 14th January – the deadline is Tuesday 12 January. Then comes the January issue (no #227) of Legal Technology Insider (UK/EMEA edition) – out on 28 January – the deadline is Friday 22 January.