Latest version on Insider 250 chart now available

The latest edition of the Insider 250 Chart showing the IT systems in use at the UK’s 250 largest law firms is now available. (And attached as a spreadsheet below.) The main change has been to the law firm rankings, reflecting their ebbing & flowing fortunes over the past couple of years since the recession kicked in. We’ve also added a couple of new columns, for records management and for ‘document production tools’ (or DPTs). The latter category covers the increasing number of applications firms are now using post WP and pre-DMS to format, manipulate and process documents. (Note: this category is still WIP and will be updated with Workshare’s data in the near future.)As ever, we compile this chart from a number of sources and make it freely available as an industry-wide resource. If there are any corrections or amendments you would like to suggest, don’t keep them to yourselves – email them into