Orange Rag to carry the Bong! ediscovery news

The Orange Rag blog is pleased to announce that it is going to carry the Bong! round-up of edisclosure, ediscovery and litigation support compiled by all-round UK litigation support industry stalwart Jonathan Maas. The service is also available direct to your in-box as an opt-in email alert: to register email with ‘news subscribe’ in the subject line. (Non-UK readers please note that Bong! is a reference to the main evening TV news in the UK, where the headline stories are announced between the chimes – bongs – of the Big Ben clack at Westminster. Simples)BONG! How much does a lawyer need to know about electronic documents? BONG! EC gives UK two months to up data protection laws BONG! The nightmare for e-discovery: social media (thoughts from Australia) BONG! LinkedIn group Men in eDiscovery shoots up to 80 members: BONG! The UK’s ‘Big brother’ traffic cameras must be regulated, orders home secretary