Confused by .NET? Microsoft say ‘tough, you are on your own’

Readers will recall there was some debate on this blog last month about the confusing claims some vendors were making about the .NET compliance of their respective systems. You know “Yah, boo sucks, our software is more .NETtier than yours” – that kind of thing. So, we asked Microsoft if they could offer any guidance. And we waited. And we waited. And we eventually received this (indirect) reply…

We’ve heard from the Microsoft .NET team and they apologize for the delayed response. They indicated that we will need to politely decline on the opportunity to respond as Microsoft cannot make any claims or comparisons about the quality of third-party ISV .NET integration. The .NET team offered links to the following pages about the .NET Framework that may be helpful.

Comment: Frankly we are disappointed as the impression this gives is that Microsoft places a higher priority on keeping its trading partners & ISVs happy than worrying about the concerns of its end users. Well thank you and goodnight Redmond – and it will just serve you right if the whole world switches to iPads over the next couple of years. In the meantime the best advice to law firms confused by vendor claims is to find themselves an independent .NET expert who can judge the rival claims.