Insider submission guidelines – again

Over the last few days we’ve been contact by a Swiss legal IT company and Dutch IT company both asking how much we charge to publish a press release. Not us, we never charge companies to use their press releases. Never have done, never will do. And, nor do we twist their arms to advertise with us or sponsor something, which we know is another wizard wheeze some publications have used in the past. The sole criterion for use is that it is of any genuine editorial merit. If it is, we’ll use it in the next available issue of the newsletter – and if we run out of space, we’ll carry it over until the following issue. UK & EMEA news goes in the UK/EMEA issue. North American news goes in the American Insider. APAC news goes out on the blog. The Orange Rag blog also carries breaking news – note the use of the word breaking – this means either BIG news stories OR stories that we get FIRST before anyone else.Finally, as we seem to be running through our editorial guidelines here, we never accept or solicit advertorial or sponsored feature articles. And, we also will not tolerate attempts by PR agencies etc to vet, control or otherwise dictate the stories we write about their clients. Capito?