Elite say they are taking over APAC market

Following on from last week’s story about the Blake Dawson/Elite 3E win, Elite have been in touch to clarify the position in the Asia-Pacific market – this is what they say…

On the APAC front, we are clearly taking market share as you will see from the list below. Not only are we winning the deals from other systems, we are also taking Aderant clients. Below are the Elite 3E APAC clients. It’s an impressive showing.
As listed:
Hesketh Henry – NZ, live, ex Aderant
Crown Law NZ – NZ, live, ex Aderant
Buddle Findlay – NZ, going live September, ex Aderant
Crown Law QLD – NZ, going live November, ex Aderant
M+K – AUS, going live October, ex Aderant
A&G (Allen & Gledhill) – Singapore, just starting Enterprise to 3E project
LHAG – Malaysia, live
Thynne Macartney – AUS, June 2010 deal
Blake Dawson – AUS, July 2011 deal, ex Aderant
Aderant have had a few wins. DAS (Dibbs Abbot Stillman) is a firm that gave a preliminary look at 3E and never engaged with us beyond that. Their other recent wins have been small firms: Holman Webb, just over 40 lawyers and Wotton Kearney, just over 30 lawyers. Neither of these firms looked at 3E. In the end, there is some back and forth between the vendors but the results speak for themselves.