Brabners go live on LexisNexis Axxia DNA

Brabners Chaffe Street, a leading North West law firm. has consolidated its practice management technology onto LexisNexis Axxia dna.  The 400-strong firm is now using this single platform, following a migration from multiple AIM legacy technologies. As well as consolidating multiple technology platforms, the firm seized the opportunity to take a helicopter view of its business, clients and processes. Following an extensive period of research and analysis, the team at Brabners Chaffe Street was keen to implement technology that significantly reduced the time spent on routine or administrative tasks, freeing up fee-earners’ time to focus on delivering expert legal services to clients.“Having assessed our options, LexisNexis impressed us with the level of consultative support it could offer. This was not simply a technology refresh initiative; instead, we were reassessing our processes as a business, with the objective of identifying automation opportunities,” comments Allan Green, IT Director, Brabners Chaffe Street. “LexisNexis supported our business decisions, rather than stifling initiatives; we were not forced into behaving certain ways or adopting specific processes due to the limitations of the technology.”  By implementing LexisNexis Axxia dna, the firm believes it will benefit from a central view of financial statistics and ledgers, CRM history, workflow related tasks, documents and emails at both a client and matter level. They anticipate that this, in turn, will lead to productivity gains as tasks could be delegated to relevant staff in the team, allowing fee-earners to concentrate more on billable activities and less on administration.Comment: although the Brabners’ decision to switch from AIM to Axxia is not new, we thought this story merited coverage as it does nail a recent rumour that there’s nobody in the UK actually running DNA in anger. Allan Green is a responsible, steady hand not prone to spin and hype, so his comments have added credibility.