IBB to swap out Axxia in favour Flosuite for case & workflow

FloSuite Ltd has just that announced IBB Solicitors has signed up as a customer in a deal that will see IBB gradually move away from Lexis Nexis Axxia as the firm’s Workflow and Case Management solution. The decision to purchase FloSuite followed on from IBB’s successful deployment of a new best-of-breed document management system. The firm decided to look for a single, flexible framework solution that could address system integration, workflow, document assembly, case and general matter management requirements, and found only FloSuite could fulfil all these needs. IBB Solicitors’ IT Manager, Ian Barrows, said: “Whilst some law firms have been reducing their investment in IT over the past couple of years, we have continued to implement solutions that will help us provide the best experience possible for our clients and that can deliver a clear return on investment. We investigated the solutions that were available in the marketplace and amongst the key requirements that emerged for us was to find a product that was proven in the legal market and was Web-based, but that retained close integration with Microsoft Office. We also needed the ability to push and pull data and documents from multiple sources. Flexibility and configuration tools also really stood out as being important: we wanted to enable solutions to be deployed and adapted by our own staff, but without us having to build everything from scratch, as is the case with a generic workflow engine.” He added: “After an in-depth review, we found that only FloSuite could deliver all of these things within one product. We are now planning to deploy FloSuite to manage case inception, time recording, and multiple case and matter management solutions that will replace our existing legacy system across these areas, as well as expanding the use of this technology to all our employees.