Something for the weekend: PowerPoint & Good Causes

So Orange Rag editor Charles Christian is sitting in his lair, surrounded by the detritus of another newsletter post-production party, planning his PowerPoint presentation for a conference in The Netherlands next week when he sees this cartoon by Tom Fishburne

Hmm… we’ve all lived through these from time-to-time. Better dust off my copy of The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs – how to be insanely great in front of any audience (Carmine Gallo, McGraw Hill, ISBN 978-0-07-163608-7) and buy a black mock turtleneck.

• And now for a good cause… Saw Gemma Clark hobbling by the other day – she said she’d injured herself training for a run, so we thought (as going for a run is the last thing on our mind) we could at least give her cause a mention, over to you Gemma.Ok guys its that time of year again, when I’ve decided to do my bit for charity and ok I’ll marginally destroy my crumbling knees in the process but hey its all for a good cause. I will be taking part in Stratford upon Avon half marathon (13 miles) longest one yet and I’m hoping that you lovely people on here will sponsor me to get me on my way. I’m running for 2 charities, the National Autistic Society and also RSPCA, so if you have a preference, pick that one, if not half and half to both would be awesome…. Thank you so much in advance .. I’m already at £40 each thanks to work, but just need to get them both up to £100… Your donations will be most gratefully received 🙂