Dutch systems house gets UK distributor

Epona  announced today that its SharePoint-based DMSforLegal document management system will be resold and implemented in the UK by Content and Code, a UK SharePoint implementer andf Microsoft’s UK Partner of the Year in 2010. This agreement gives Epona a UK presence for the first time, and forms a key part of a major push into the legal sector by Content and Code. Epona’s DMSforLegal provides law firm staff a matter centric based document management system built on SharePoint 2010 technology.  “Epona’s DMSforLegal is the fastest growing SharePoint based document management system for law firms throughout the world. As our market continues to expand globally, we partner with the most successful and experienced firms to deliver our software locally.  For the UK we are very proud to announce the partnership with Content and Code. We think that this partnership will offer UK firms the perfect blend of experience and knowledge with SharePoint 2010 to provide the best practices for UK based law practices, not only as document management system but also as a dynamic and robust intranet / extranet solution” says Marcel Lang of Epona.“Clifford Chance’s implementation of SharePoint has been a real game-changer for SharePoint in the legal sector” says Tim Wallis, CEO of Content and Code. “Our partnership with Epona will enable us to bring the benefits of SharePoint 2010 to the legal sector at costs aggressively competitive with the continued ownership of traditional legal document management systems. Epona’s DMSforLegal is proven in law firms in the US and Europe, and its time it was available from a strong partner in the UK.”www.contentandcode.com