Microsoft & Sharepoint taking over the legal world – part #101

And so the SharePoint saga continues, this time with a document from Erik Goltzer, the CIO of Miller Johnson in Grand Rapids (MI). Mr Goltzer writes “We are actively rolling out a SharePoint based email management solution and will be leveraging that same technology as a replacement for our Hummingbird DM. We use SharePoint for practice management solutions, client/matter intake and we have many of our LOB systems reporting back data via SharePoint.  By years end we will have nearly 10,000,000 content items in SharePoint. “The attached (see below) is a document I wrote last year in support of the SharePoint Innovator of the year award for ILTA 2010.  It is rather lengthy however if you skim though it you will see what tools (Handshake Software making an appearance here – CC) and products we use in our SharePoint environment as well as some of the creative ways we have leveraged SharePoint.”