Document automation: HotDocs announced huge US DoJ Deal

The HotDocs Corporation, the automated document generation software company that is based out of Lindon, Utah and Edinburgh, announced today that it has closed a software licensing deal with the Executive Office for US Attorneys, a liaison organization between the US Department of Justice and the 94 individual US Attorneys Offices. The deal includes a HotDocs Developer license for each of the 94 US Attorneys offices, 15,000 HotDocs User licenses and technical integration services. HotDocs software will be used by the US Attorneys primarily in regard to litigation matters.“In the past, HotDocs has been used regionally by some of the US Attorneys offices,” commented Leonard DuCharme, Chief Strategy Officer for HotDocs Corporation.  “This deal enables all of the staff for all of the US Attorneys Offices to have access to HotDocs. We’re thrilled to see our technology being deployed on such a broad scale by a critical component of the US DOJ.”The HotDocs software suite includes a development engine (designed to allow businesses and government agencies alike to transform standard word processing documents and graphical forms into powerful software programs called templates) and various deployment, including HotDocs User, which allows end users to run HotDocs templates and HotDocs Server, the company’s solution for cloud-based delivery of HotDocs templates.