Apple iPad3 will be good for voice market say Bighand

In case you missed the announcement (as if anyone could) last week Apple released details of its new iPad3. As the device contains an inbuilt dictation facility, we asked Apple enthusiast and Bighand CEO Jon Ardron for his views on the new iPad…
“As a huge fan of Apple products, I am very excited about the release of the new iPad, and in particular the inclusion of some speech to text capabilities. With BigHand’s extensive heritage in voice productivity and our enthusiasm for speech technology, it was great to see the word ‘dictation’ (for possibly the first time ever) on the Apple website. All of our customers, be they lawyers, doctors, accountants and other professionals, already know that using their voice with an appropriate software solution gives them a powerful and efficient productivity tool – other people will now be discovering this as well!
“The new iPad will raise interest in voice and dictation generally, and this can only be a good thing for our industry and our customers. A simple tool for dictation and transcription, embedded in what will prove to be one of the most popular consumer electronic devices (until the next iPad of course), is the perfect introduction to robust, scaleable voice productivity solutions, such as BigHand, that include tracking, reporting and  integration into a firms critical business processes. If Apple helps us make the case for simple voice-to text in the consumer and prosumer worlds, then BigHand is in an even better position to make the case for sophisticated voice-to-value in the professional enterprise world, and in turn to help our customers become even more productive.”