Serengeti launches Professional Services Group & new partner program

Serengeti Law, part of Thomson Reuters and provider of Serengeti Tracker – the widely used e-billing and matter management platform – announced the creation of two customer-focused programs to extend and enhance current support and service offerings: Serengeti Professional Services and the Serengeti Services & Solutions Partner Program.

Serengeti Professional Services

This bring increased visibility, efficiency and cost savings to the legal department. Serengeti’s team of seasoned attorneys and advisors offer additional services when extra resources are needed and enhance the experience of using Serengeti Tracker to its full potential. Resources, skills and unique program knowledge empower and enhance legal departments with a set of tools, best practices and templates to assist in improving operations.

Through the suite of services, customers can now conduct a full assessment of current legal operations. One process, the General Counsel Challenge offers a comprehensive review of Tracker use throughout the entire organization. This assessment offers recommended methodologies for improvement and a customized plan tailoring the overall Tracker experience to meet goals and objectives. It also helps customers discover new ways to cut legal spend.

Additional resources through Serengeti Professional Services include advisory and assist services offering on-site training, customized implementation and support to help legal departments improve Tracker ROI, as well as improve consistency and increase productivity.

Serengeti Services & Solutions Partner Program

Continuing its efforts to help legal departments perform at their highest level, Serengeti developed the Serengeti Services & Solutions Partner Program to broaden its reach while offering expanded resources through unique relationships. Mosaic Consulting is the first organization to join the program and will help deepen and strengthen Serengeti’s services and support capabilities through its consulting expertise.

“As we continue to look for and develop innovative ways to help our clients be the best law departments they can be, these initiatives will serve as a viable resource for them and will help us build valuable relationships with organizations to improve the corporate legal environment,” said Tom Melling, president, Serengeti. “The market has changed dramatically recently, and through these programs we will be able to meet the needs of our customers and the demands of the market.”

According to Dan Hamilton, president of Mosaic Consulting, “Both Serengeti and Mosaic have been offering exceptional guidance and services to the corporate legal world for many years. As demand for this kind of expertise grows, our commitment is to provide the skilled and experienced resources to meet it. This partnership represents a logical synergy that allows both companies to address an increasing client demand in the corporate legal world; one that will continue to grow as companies recognize the wealth of tools and cost saving solutions that are available to them through products like Serengeti Tracker.”

Serengeti Tracker is web-based software that more than 470 law departments use to manage invoices, budgets, status reports and documents from their outside counsel firms, which include 100 percent of both the AmLaw 200 and Global 100. Serengeti Tracker holds the largest collection of e-billing, matter management and live rate analytics information, with detailed data on attorney performance that includes costs, staffing, duration, predictive accuracy and evaluations by clients.

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