Prosperoware launches WorkSite + SharePoint initiative

Prosperoware today announced a new offering for synchronizing content between Autonony iManage WorkSite and Microsoft SharePoint for simplified, secure collaboration over intranets and extranets. Prosperware’s Zone Publisher allows lawyers to publish WorkSite content directly to SharePoint libraries without IT support, where they have full access to native SharePoint features, including real-time, shared editing. Key features include active version control and automatic WorkSite/SharePoint synchronization.
Zone Publisher is part of the Prosperoware Zone product suite, a family of products that infuse rich, web-based software functionality into WorkSite and SharePoint to streamline and automate core legal processes and break down information barriers. Publisher is fully integrated with other Prosperoware solutions for SharePoint, including automated site provisioning, standardized on-demand folders, and web parts.
Many organizations use WorkSite as their document management system and SharePoint for their intranet and extranet. The classic approach to integrating WorkSite and SharePoint is with web parts, which make content available in a browser as a modifiable page view. This model imposes a number of limitations upon users because it doesn’t give them full access to native SharePoint functionality, such as real-time, shared editing, contextual search, the extended metadata of SharePoint, and the ability to create custom views. The web parts model also creates a number of IT complications around provisioning and security. In addition, users lack clarity about which version is correct: the one in SharePoint or the one in WorkSite.
“By leveraging the capabilities of SharePoint libraries, Zone Publisher makes collaboration much easier for both users and IT,” said Keith Lipman, President & cofounder of Prosperoware. “Users easily push content to SharePoint, and they have a clear understanding of what has been published. This eliminates confusion around what version is the correct one as well as the need to manage security. On the IT side, staff is liberated from creating external users in both WorkSite and SharePoint.”
Additional product features
Multiple publishing options – Documents can be published to SharePoint libraries as a copy with active version control, as a copy without active version control, or as a link. Multiple publishing options allow firms to establish business rules around whether content can be stored in another repository besides the firm’s document management system.
Active Version Control – Users have the option of editing documents in either WorkSite or SharePoint. A document checked out in one system is automatically checked out in the other system. In near simultaneous check out, an email is sent to both parties informing them of the need for resolution or, optionally, the first check out takes precedence. When documents are edited, both systems are automatically updated.
Audit trails – Zone Publisher automatically tracks and reports on what has been published to SharePoint and which publishing option was selected.