Something for the (Devon Riviera) Weekend

The sun is shining – the temperature is rising – it has stopped raining – and Insider editor Charles Christian is at Foot Anstey’s marina-side offices in Plymouth talking to the Southwest Legal IT Forum and asking How difficult can running a law firm be ? In fact he’ll probably be on the slow train back to Norfolk by the time you read this post. However there are two serious points to be made here…
The first is that locations like this do highlight the choice commercial lawyers (and senior law firm management) now face: they can earn shedloads of money in a 24/7 environment in the City of London where the cost of living is sky-high and they have little time to enjoy life Or, they can earn less money but have a far higher quality of life. There’s even one lawyer down here who commutes by boat on a morning!
The second point is we really do like the Forum’s corporate logo – can anyone beat this?