PrivateSky answer to DropBox now live

Frank Boening, the Vice President of Sales & Marketing at Certivox has been in touch to say the company’s PrivateSky platform has gone live. This new software as a service (SaaS) provides fast and easy-to-use of protection for messages, files and other information sent via the cloud through a unique two-factor authentication process and a sophisticated, certificateless encryption platform.
Boening says the PrivateSky platform is the first and only in the industry today that provides an integrated, built-in key management functionality that encrypts your data on any platform and on any device before it moves to the cloud. This means that you and your recipient’s data CANNOT be seen or accessed by a cloud service provider or by any other users of the cloud.
PrivateSky is available in two versions:
FREE edition – which allows you to Send and Receive encrypted messages
PROFESSIONAL edition – as above BUT you can encrypt attachments and send files up to 10MB in size with a total file capacity of 5GB
Certivox is offering a FREE TRIAL of the PROFESSIONAL edition with its full functionality for 7 DAYS. To participate in this free trial, all you have to do is register for  PrivateSky –