Bighand welcome latest Apple announcements

Bighand CEO Jon Ardron has welcomed yesterday’s new products announcements by Apple…
“Here at BigHand, we were hugely excited to see a form of dictation included in the new iPad earlier this year and it’s great that Apple are keeping up the momentum by including it in Mountain Lion OS release. The voice, harnessed correctly, is clearly the most powerful and efficient way to accomplish any number of tasks. To see major technology companies like Apple embracing this is extremely positive. We are quickly moving towards nothing less than a ‘voice-enabled’ world where spoken, natural language is the natural choice for interaction. As experts in voice productivity, we’re pleased to be a central part of that expanding world, providing scalable, enterprise-level voice productivity solutions for professional documentation creation and task delegation.
“Dictation embedded in consumer devices such as Apple Macs really helps demonstrate the potential of using your voice. What more than ten years of product development and domain experience has shown us is that to truly harness that potential in a professional environment, dictation needs to be supplemented with flexible workflow, sophisticated business rules and powerful management capabilities. With our range of market-leading products and services, BigHand is ideally placed to provide these capabilities. As more people discover or rediscover using dictation, we expect this announcement from Apple to have a positive effect on our business.”