Belly Gully in New Zealand take IntApp integration builder

IntApp Inc today announced that Bell Gully, one of New Zealand’s largest law firms, has selected IntApp Integration Builder to accelerate the deployment of Elite 3E as its new financial and practice management platform.
“We are currently implementing Elite 3E,” said Iain Jamieson, Chief Financial Officer, Bell Gully. “Integration Builder is facilitating this by providing a standard platform for the integrations between 3E and our other systems, thereby reducing complexity and enabling us to minimize duplication and improve the accuracy of our information by ensuring we have one version of the truth.”
Integration Builder provides a simple, straightforward way for law firms to connect, manage and automate their business applications and processes. It enables law firms to integrate Elite 3E into their IT environment without having to develop complex, custom code in house. It does this by interfacing directly with Elite’s native web services functionality and providing IT with a graphic interface for configuring business logic and integration rules.
To further speed Elite 3E adoption, IntApp offers pre-built templates that jumpstart integration with common law firm applications including document management, records management, time entry, portal and other systems. IntApp also provides firms with access to an extensive community of certified Integration Builder and Elite 3E consultants who can assist organisations with constrained resources.
With a faster, scalable approach to software integration, law firms are able to extend Elite 3E’s capabilities and expedite key business processes including new business intake, lawyer provisioning and other workflow-based tasks and activities.
“We made the choice to license IntApp Integration Builder because it’s been tested and proven over time by a large number of global law firms and is ideally suited to facilitating complex application roll-outs,” said Jason Wild, Operations Director, Bell Gully. “Integration Builder empowers our IT team to deliver Elite 3E to the business in less time and with less risk than approaches that rely on extensive custom software development, whilst also providing a standard platform that will simplify our integration architecture across all of our key data repositories.”
“Bell Gully is one of several firms using IntApp Integration Builder to support an Elite 3E project,” said Norm Mullock, head of IntApp’s Integration Practice Group. “We’re pleased to add them to our growing customer community and look forward to supporting their ongoing success.”