Ediscovery news: OrcaTec announces availability of OrcaPod appliance – REVISED

OrcaTec – has just changed the name of OrcaPod to the OrcaTec Appliance after discovering there is an India phishing site called OrcaOd. Now read on…
OrcaTec has announced that it is now taking orders for its OrcaTec Appliance, on which organizations can deploy the OrcaTec Document Decisioning Suite in-house. With the OrcaTec Appliance, organizations will be able to ingest eDiscovery or other big data sets, remove system files and extraneous data, then get to work using OrcaTec’s advanced analytics and predictive coding for Early Case Assessment (ECA) and first-pass review.  They can then move on to review and production, all with the data staying behind their firewalls.
The OrcaTec Appliance starts at a 2 TB capacity and can be scaled up based on the client’s needs.  As with all OrcaTec products there are two pricing models:  ala carte pricing for a particular case or matter, or subscription pricing at a fixed monthly fee for “all you can eat.” OrcaTec will manage the OrcaTec Appliance for the first 60 days as part of the standard training process for new owners.  After that, it will turn over management to the organization, or continue to provide engineering assistance for an additional fee.