RenewData adds Clearwell ediscovery software to product offering

RenewData has announced that it will now offer solutions by Clearwell Systems. The addition supports RenewData’s mission to offer clients the most comprehensive array of proprietary and best-of-breed review acceleration tools and expertise to effectively meet data-intensive and time-constraining eDiscovery reviews.
“The complexities and amount of data involved in eDiscovery today dictate that there shouldn’t be a one-size-fits-all approach to review and we have integrated a broad selection of industry-leading technologies to fit the right solution to each unique problem,” said Joe Garber, vice president of marketing at RenewData. “The addition of Clearwell Systems, along with our company-specific offerings like Language-Based Analytics, allows our clients a combination of speed, transparency, precision and insight into data as well as review cost reduction that far exceeds other options available until now.”
Acquired by Symantec in July 2011, Clearwell Systems is commonly regarded as a robust solution for eDiscovery identification, preservation, collection, processing, analysis, review, and production. Users of the software include Clear Channel Communications, Immigration and Customs Enforcement and Microsoft. When hosted by RenewData, clients are able to achieve maximum value from the software by leveraging the company’s proven data minimization and multi-pronged review acceleration solutions. This is supported by the company’s industry-leading experts in review acceleration, who can help develop workflows tailored to unique client needs by combining deep domain expertise with the full spectrum of tools at their disposal. Additionally, clients benefit from a state-of-the-art datacenter, which provides optimal (ISO/IEC 27001 certified) security and scalability.
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