Ediscovery news: Guidance launches EnCase v5

Guidance Software Inc has launched EnCase eDiscovery v5, the newest version of its ediscovery software. Version 5 delivers a seamless integration with Guidance’s CaseCentral, the pioneer of cloud-based e-discovery review and production. With this new release, EnCase eDiscovery v5 gives in-house counsel control and oversight of every phase of the electronic discovery process, from legal hold, collection, preservation, and early case assessment (ECA) to document review and production, significantly reducing the risk and cost of ediscovery.
With significant performance improvements delivered in v5 through new parallel processing capabilities and enhanced search and indexing algorithms, EnCase eDiscovery extends its long-standing leadership as the fastest collection and processing e-discovery product.
“When we acquired CaseCentral, we had a vision for an integrated platform that would enable corporate counsel to avoid the black box of outsourced e-discovery and to take control of the process, risks, and costs,” said Victor Limongelli, Guidance Software president & CEO. “We’ve now delivered on that vision with an integrated product that offers one-click upload to our cloud review offering as part of a superior, controlled, and highly collaborative e-discovery environment. Moreover, with the increased speed, scalability and legal hold enhancements that we are delivering, EnCase eDiscovery v5 becomes the most intuitive, powerful, and manageable e-discovery product for corporate counsel departments.”
Guidance Software eDiscovery Product Uniquely Lowers Costs and Increases Efficiency
Traditional approaches to ediscovery review have been cumbersome with a number of disadvantages including:
• Lack of transparency and visibility into the attorney review process
• Duplication of effort due to the inability to leverage past work product or collected ESI across matters
• Use of disparate ediscovery tools each comprising their own information silo, with collected data dispersed across multiple law firms and service providers with vastly differing security and control levels.
With the combination of EnCase eDiscovery and CaseCentral, organizations can streamline their ediscovery business process.  The Guidance Software solution offers significant advantages by:
• Providing real time visibility and management oversight of the end-to-end ediscovery process
• Leveraging a unique multi-matter architecture that eliminates duplication of effort across cases and enabling ediscovery teams to re-use previous work product such as document coding and tagging or collected ESI.
• Delivering a comprehensive ediscovery product that seamlessly uploads document sets and their associated metadata and attorney work product to a centralized legal repository
EnCase eDiscovery v5 offers:
• A comprehensive, integrated ediscovery solution that exceeds corporate requirements for security, oversight, risk management, and compliance
• One-click upload to CaseCentral cloud review
• The fastest and most comprehensive collection and processing ediscovery product
• Both early and continuous case assessment, enabling legal teams to quickly obtain necessary facts at any time from pre-through post-collection phases
• The ability to use the secure, scalable, cloud review capabilities of CaseCentral while keeping collection and preservation close to data and its custodians
• Unparalleled search and identification capabilities for electronically stored information (ESI) across multiple digital platforms and devices
• De-duplication across cases and comparison of current cases to previous matters to ensure that documents withheld in one matter are never produced in another.