Aderant CRM4Legal 2011 v5.1 out now with added marketing & business development benefits

Aderant today announced that Aderant CRM4Legal 2011 Version 5.1 is now available giving firms advanced capabilities for marketing communications, business development, and client relationship management (CRM). New features enable law firms to create a more flexible and effective CRM system that delivers powerful capabilities for tracking and managing contacts, referrals, experiences, press and media relations, and sponsorship data. The result is a complete system that can improve a firm’s business development and client care programs, drive increased business, and boost client satisfaction ratings.
Key new features and enhancements in Aderant CRM4Legal 2011 Version 5.1, built on Microsoft Dynamics CRM, deliver a true closed-loop marketing system and include:
* Data Quality Management (DQM) to enable firms to monitor changes made to CRM contact and company data to protect private data and improve overall data quality
* Field level security enables users to share Microsoft Outlook contacts with CRM4Legal while choosing which fields remain private on a contact-by-contact basis
* A new suite of legal marketing and business development tools including referrals, experience, press and media relations, and sponsorships enables tracking of marketing investments and resulting media activity and new business opportunities
“The true value that Aderant CRM4Legal delivers to law firms is the ability to get a complete view of the firm’s most vital asset – its clients and the relationships with those clients across the firm,” said Chris Giglio, chief executive officer for Aderant. “CRM4Legal delivers a powerful, affordable solution that drives measurable improvements in every business process and helps the firm achieve new levels of success and profitability.”