IntApp 2012 Law Firm Risk Management Surveys highlight industry priorities in US, UK, Canada & Australia

IntApp Inc has published its 2012 law firm risk management survey reports presenting information  gathered from over 150 legal professionals. Four reports are now available, each presenting results from a specific geography (United States, United Kingdom*, Canada and Australia). This initiative is one of several produced by the Law Firm Risk Roundtable program, which also produces networking events and webinars designed to foster cross-functional dialogue among risk management and IT professionals.
The survey reports provide statistical information and commentary about current industry trends designed to provide law firm risk and IT stakeholders with insight into the priorities and practices of their peers so that firms can plan and respond effectively. They examine specific issues including new business intake, lawyer lateral hiring and departures, ethical walls and information barrier management, confidentiality enforcement, internal education, and compliance tracking and verification.
While each report presents unique data and detail, several risk management trends and priorities manifest across all geographies:
• Firms cite information risk (data security and confidentiality) as a top risk management concern.
• Respondents overwhelmingly highlight rising client concerns about information risk management, as evidenced by the increasing quantity of security-related questions in Requests for Proposal (RFPs) and mandates in Outside Counsel Guidelines (OCGs).
• Participants also noted increasing internal concerns with regard to complying with regulatory rules and evolving professional standards.
“We sponsor these surveys, which have been embraced as a unique resource by the legal community, as part of our commitment to provide our customers and partners insight into the latest risk management trends,” said Pat Archbold, Head of IntApp’s Risk Practice Group. “This insight also enables us to continuously enhance the software products and consulting services we offer to the legal community.” More information about the 2012 law firm risk management surveys is available at
* Includes introdution by Insider editor Charles Christian