ChristianUncut: Yes, we have no business cards

Charles Christian’s Blog  
So Team Legalit Insider is currently on its travels in Europe (in fact at the time of writing we’re sitting in the departure lounge of Helsinki Airport eating duty-free Toblerone – incidentally  the airport has  great free wifi ) attending legalit shows and conferences. But here’s the thing… given the amount of money vendors spend on exhibition stand space and event sponsorship (plus the accompanying travel, accommodation and entertainment expenses) you might think they would also invest in sufficient numbers of business cards for their staff to hand out to interested visitors at these events?
“Oh, I’ve just run out of my business cards” or “I’m waiting for some new ones to be printed.” What kind of excuses are they? True, business cards may not exactly be hi-tech* in the 21st Century but then neither is the alternative of scribbling down a phone number or email address on the back of a napkin or beer-mat.
* I’ve also never encountered anyone offering me one of the many ‘popular digital alternatives’ to conventional business cards, including: TakeMyCard, Moo, Meet-Meme, Bump, CardMunch, Google Goggles, CardFlick, CardCloud, Zerply and iDentyMe.