2013 predictions – and beyond….

Here’s a link to the SCL’s (Society of Computers & Law) website and their annual roundup of predictions – this time for 2013, 2023 and beyond. There are a lot more predictions going up on the site but this batch is from Jan Durant of Lewis Silkin, Andrew Haslam of AllVision, Charles Holloway of Millnet and our own Charles Christian.
You can read them in full here http://www.scl.org/site.aspx?i=bp29404 but inevitably Mister Christian goes into full futurist mode, predicting that next year Blackberry will be following the parrot in the Monty Python sketch, and that there will be a shift in the consumerisation of legal IT from devices to software and the rise of social media-like interfaces and gamification as an approach to training. As for 2023, it will be goodbye Microsoft as we know it, as software abandons the traditional office for mobile apps and speech interfaces, and legal publishing will have been well and truly iTunesified – why buy the book when you only need one chapter. As for 2053, Ray Kurzweil’s Singularity will be here – but the UK rail network will still be reduced to chaos when the wrong sort of snow falls on the lines.