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2013 ABA Tech Show previewed

It’s going to be one of the coldest Easters on record so why not spend part of the time in Chicago at a legal IT show? Here’s a mini-preview of the ABA TechShow which kicks off on the afternoon of Wednesday 3 April, then all day Thursday and Friday from 8:00am before closing at 12:00 noon on Saturday 6 April.

It’s going to be one of the coldest Easters on record so why not spend part of the time in Chicago at a legal IT show? Here’s a mini-preview of the ABA TechShow which kicks off on the afternoon of Wednesday 3 April, then all day Thursday and Friday from 8:00am before closing at 12:00 noon on Saturday 6 April.

LexThink.1 Innovation ‘UnConference’ on ABA TechShow eve
How disruptive can a 6 minute presentation be? Especially if it’s one of 10, is all about legal, and takes place late at night, on a school night? Well, LexThink.1 producers Matt Homann (LexThink CEO) and JoAnna Forshee ( CEO) are once again hedging their bets and presenting the 4th annual LexThink.1 (formerly Ignite Law) innovation event next Wednesday evening (8-10PM) in Chicago,. The 2013 event theme is market disruption and 10 speakers, as nominated and voted on by the online legal community, are poised to share their view of disruption in our legal world.

Speakers, 6 past event alumni and 4 newbies, will have 6 minutes (20 slides automatically timed at 18 seconds each) to plead their disruption case to a sold out crowd of 200+ legal professionals including solo and small firm owners, state law practice management advisors, local and state bar members, ABA Law Practice Management section folks, vendors, media, and academics. All 10 topics and speakers can be previewed on the event site – – including the many topic flavors including Big Data or Big Brother? + Flattening the Legal Tower of Babel + Death of the Office + Knowing the Unknowns + Gaming the System.

LexThink.1 will again sell out so anyone in Chicago or attending ABA TechShow should purchase a free ticket if innovation and rapid-fire, lively presentations is their cup of tea (not to mention the incredible networking). Also, anyone interested in sponsoring the event or needing more general details can contact JoAnna Forshee. Those interested in following the event should stay tuned to Twitter #LexThink and @InsideLegal

There is also a recently recorded a podcast with Ari Kaplan which gives some flavour of the event.

• nQueue Billback (booth #620) will be highlighting two new products during the ABA TechShow. nQueue Billback’s iA Virtual Cabinet, a new document management solution which provides law firms of all sizes with state-of-the-art document management along with a portal for secure client communications. With iA Virtual Cabinet, firms can save time, increase levels of service and efficiency, while saving space and reducing storage costs. To optimize use, it integrates easily with current systems and through cloud-based storage it provides a disaster recovery contingency. iA Virtual Cabinet is available at a low monthly fee with no support or maintenance fees.

nQueue Billback’s iA Essentials, an integrated cost recovery solution that allows law firms to easily capture copy, fax, and print data with a convenient-to-use interface. By leveraging predictive technology, complete configurability and a simple interface, iA Essentials is designed to capture all cost data simply, securely and economically while reducing time and clicks spend at the MFD thereby improving efficiency and profitability. iA Essentials is available through a monthly subscription fee, with no upfront investment required.

• Cabinet (booth #214) offers cloud-based, secure document management solutions (with a new app for iPad), allowing lawyers and practice team members the ability to streamline their filing and paperwork without sacrificing security as well as integrate important legal documents in an organized way. The new mobile app for iPad allows for e-signatures and eliminates the need to lug heavy cases of paperwork to the courtroom, as well as paper shuffling – secure documents can be easily accessed without the mess. This kind of cloud-computing is a growing trend as people are looking more and more for solutions that guarantee security and lessens the likelihood of data loss.

• Orion Law Management (booth #604) releases Orion 4.5. Version 4.5 contains hundreds of enhancements, including enhancements to the widely popular A/R Collection Manager, the addition of payments by Working Timekeeper to the Payment Calendar, Orion’s improved Calendar Manager designed for the front office professional to better manage their Appointments and Tasks while adding a new Advanced Event Manager for Docket Administrators.  These updates and add-ons enhance the Orion experience and are available free of charge to customers enrolled in their maintenance plan. Orion has also announced the launch of new products including the iOrion Mobile App, Expense Reimbursement Manager, integration with PayPros credit card processing, and the Orion Productivity Pack designed to better manage billable time, Appointments and Tasks from Microsoft Office applications .

• WordRake (booth #815) Seattle-based WordRake Holdings, founded in 2011 by lawyer and New York Times best-selling author Gary Kinder, will be demonstrating its popular WordRake legal editing software. WordRake “rakes” Microsoft Word documents to suggest edits for tighter writing.  WordRake has tripled its sales in the past several months as lawyers and other professionals have discovered how easily WordRake helps them write better, more concise documents.  WordRake recently established an alliance with the Washington State Bar Association whereby the software is being used in-house by the Bar’s staff and is available to its 35,000 members for a discounted price.

• Worldox (booth #316-8) World Software Corporation is previewing Worldox for Mac, a software-as-a-service Mac-enabled version of the popular Document Management System. Worldox for Mac contains a subset of Worldox features, including much of the product’s core functionality. The Mac version, which requires a Worldox back-end including indexer and file server (unless the site is using Worldox in the Cloud), integrates with Microsoft Office Suite applications and Adobe Acrobat. It also includes full text searching, version control, copy/move/delete functions, check-in and upload, and select email management features. The Mac version is scheduled for a summer release.  COMMENT: shows the growing interest in Mac software in the legal sector.

• Levit & James will be showing Best Authority Light 3.0. Containing much of the core functionality of Best Authority Premium Edition, this latest version of the lighter-features product line offers less expensive Table of Authorities generation software, designed to meet the needs of small firms and solo practitioners. Some highlights include Citation Revision Tracking, a preview of the TOA, and powerful search functions. Best Authority Light 3.0 provides a faster, flexible and accurate Table of Authorities and can be learned by video in 30 minutes. Note: Levit & James will be attending the show but not exhibiting – if you would like to see the software at the show, email Ian Levit at

• Attorney Timekeeper ( is a new real-time timekeeping application developed by Bill Doran of Morning Waves,LLC. The cloud-based software-as-a-service has comprehensive features for contemporaneous timekeepers, including one-touch timekeeping and automatic capture of time spent on cell phone calls. Time segments are integrated regardless of whether they are captured on cell phone, tablet or PC.

A twist that sets Attorney Timekeeper (ATK) apart from other products is that it allows lawyers to set time goals for themselves, and attorneys can challenge colleagues to friendly or fierce contests of who can bill the greatest percentage of time in the office daily, weekly etc. The objective of these contests it not to bill the most hours – it is to be billable the greatest percentage of time while at work. Attorney Timekeeper reports your results to those in your network and theirs to you.  Attorneys can also track non-work activities (such as family and exercise time) so lawyers can account for their entire day, including both professional and personal activities.  Offered for a monthly subscription price, Attorney Timekeeper is secure and easy to set up in about 15 minutes and is free for the first 30 days. NOTE: ATK is attending the show but is not exhibiting; those interested in a demo can email Bill Doran at