Pix from Day One of LegalTech NYC

Over in New York, our bleary-eyed associates are tottering into the Hilton Hotel for Day Two of the LegalTech event. In the meantime here are some facts and pictures from the first day…
According to JoAnna Forshee of InsideLegal.com, the event is still ruled by ediscovery and, er, ediscovery. Here is an InsideLegal graphic showing the breakdown of ediscovery versus non-ediscovery vendors over the past six years:

• LegalTech NY 2013 = 41% eDiscovery (224 vendors; 92 eDiscovery)
• LegalTech NY 2012 = 45% eDiscovery (223 vendors; 100 eDiscovery)
• LegalTech NY 2011 = 43% eDiscovery (237 vendors; 103 eDiscovery)
• LegalTech NY 2010 = 42% eDiscovery (229 vendors; 96 eDiscovery)
• LegalTech NY 2009 = 35% eDiscovery (263 vendors; 91 eDiscovery)
• LegalTech NY 2008 = 29% eDiscovery (262 vendors; 76 eDiscovery)
InsideLegal have also compiled a couple of word clouds showing the most popular topics/themes included in the event’s schedule. Yes, it’s ediscovery again (particularly when you add in the related topics of predictive coding and review. Also interesting to see that Big Data makes its debut from nowhere in the 2013 chart, whereas ‘clients’ – a big topic in 2012 – almost falls off the radar.
JoAnna Forshee’s view is that the Cloud is no longer the hot topic is used to be “with the initial buzz of what the cloud is and who ‘is doing it’ over and more focus on real world applications and realities including security, jurisdictional concerns and true costs.” In otherwords, the cloud is fast becoming just another part of the legal wallpaper.


As for the sessions, here’s one from yesterday

And Derek Giles of Swerdlove in Australia has been in touch to say you can’t even escape ediscovery when you go outside the exhibition hall. (And yes, that’s also the biggest Big Yellow Taxi we’ve ever seen.)