Something for the long weekend: the name’s Hyman… Tim Hyman

So long-time stalwart of the UK legal IT directors’ scene Tim Hyman innocently posts on Facebook “Some people clearly have too much time on their hands, the amount they write on this place, so… have a look at my new book, you can get it on Amazon.”
It is called Queen and Country and you can buy it as a paperback or Kindle edition – we think the first copy was bought by legal IT consultant Neil Cameron. Oh yes, and appropriately enough for a book about spies and the secret intelligence services, Tim has published under the nom-de-plume of Finn Maedan (the surname is made up of the initials of his children, in case you were looking for an anagram). Anyway, here is the blurb from Amazon…
If you’re looking for an expose into the inner secrets of the Intelligence Services this isn’t it. If you’re looking for the twisting plot of a new Bond film this isn’t it. 

My name is Finn Maedan and this is my story.

In the autumn of 1982 at the age of 17 and at the height of the Cold War, I joined a training scheme at the Foreign & Commonwealth Office. Following two years in The Park training school I spent the next 11 years travelling the world as a member of the ultra secret Operational Security Department. 

Three decades on, with most secrets declassified and my memory fading rapidly, now is the time to pass on a few stories to whoever cares. Like most jobs, 90% of what we did was run of the mill, mundane even, and up until now I have never really shared much of what went on.

This is the other 10%…
You can find the book here – something new to read just in time for the holiday weekend…
And here is the author – heavily disguised as a member of Her Majesty’s Blues Brothers we think.